• Here are the definitions for Week 3


    1.  debris-the scattered remains of something

    2.  emphasis-use special force or stress when saying a particular word or syllable

    3.  encounter-an unexpected meeting

    4. generations-to have a common family ancestor

    5.  indicated-showed a sign

    6.  naturalist-person who specializes in the study of things in nature

    7.  sheer-steep

    8.  spectacular-very unusual and impressive


    Week 4

    1.  breakthrough-an important advance

    2.  captivated-influenced by charm, art or skill

    3.  claimed-declared it as your own

    4.  devices-things that are made or invented for a particular purpose

    5.  enthusiastically-in a way that shows great interest or excitement

    6.  envisioned-imagined

    7.  passionate-to have or show strong feelings

    8.  patents-papers that give a person or company the right to make, use or sell new inventions for a certain number of years.