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    Here you will find information about the power of music and music education. Research and studies strongly support the benefits of music education for young children, not only as musicians, but as life-long learners. Music is a gateway to emotional strength, self-discipline, cognitive growth, social interactions, and self-confidence. The ability to play music brings people together from all backgrounds and beliefs to speak a language that is universally understood. 


    The Sunnyvale Raider Pride Band is a family. Our goal is to create an environment that is welcoming and encouraging. Band members work hard together to achieve incredible goals and form life-long bonds. 



  • Why did you join band?

    Posted by Jessica Cull on 2/2/2018 8:00:00 AM

    I have been in band since 5th grade, I remember when we would all sit together and learn how to hold the instruments properly and play a note. (little things like that make a huge difference) I have been a musician for 7 years. Every day has been worth it, I would do it again in a heartbeat. 

    I joined band at first because we had to join a fine art but I could of stopped doing band but I kept signing up for band because the relationships I built were not easy to let go of. I loved feeling that I was growing not only as a person but as a musician as well. These people in the band from day 1 are going to be there for you when you fall and help you get back up. They will also make you laugh so hard that tears will come out of your eyes. :) You will want the weekends to go by fast so you can see them again. Crazy right?!

    I would have to say that my favorite experience with band or music would be everything. If I had to choose 1 thing that is my favorite experience, I would say marching band. Marching band not only keeps you in shape because you burn a ton of calories but you are pushed to be a better musician and athlete. (you don't have to be fit). The people in your section will make jokes and encourage you to do your best. Some days are hard and hot outside and you just want to give up, but don't. If you stick with it and work hard, and work together, you will do great things. One day you will look back and think of all the hot, windy, humid, rainy, cold, and hard days and know that all of that was totally worth it. 

    The best part is half way through marching season it starts getting cold outside, so if you like the cold stay in marching band, if you don't (like me) stay in it too, you have people to warm you up and you can put layers on. 

    Please join band, you will never regret joining. The directors want the best for you and so do I. 

    -Aieem Kelton

    SRPMB Senior


    I have been a musician ever since sixth grade, so I'm in my fourth year of being involved in band. I joined band because it looked like a lot of fun and I had heard from a lot of the upper class men about how fun band was and how everyone is very close and it just feels like your all part of the band family. My favorite experience during band has to be my very first marching show ever as a freshman. Marching band is a lot of hard work and time but it is so worth it. My first marching show was definitely one to remember, because of how proud you feel stepping off of the field, knowing that all your hard work is so worth it. I really hope you decide to join band, because you will be so glad you did :)

    -Haley Conger

    SRPMB Sophomore


    I have been in band for 7 years and I play the Bari, Tenor, and Alto saxophone in that time. I originally joined band when I lived in Austin because I had friends who were joining and I wanted to have fun. During my first year, it was fun but it was hard work. The hours of frustration and practice that I put in every night was difficult. The first concert was special it was the first time I stood on the stage and the rush was amazing. When I moved band changed for me. It became my family, my first friends were in band, they were extremely supportive and helpful to help me through the rough of middle school. Now as a Junior in the High School band is my friends they are my family and I love them all. The environment I come to every day is amazing we have fun we keep each other in line and when we step onto the field on Friday nights we all feel the rush together. I highly recommend band it is a great program and it is tightly knit.  

     -Simon Belz

    SPRMB Junior


    I have been playing various instruments including, Guitar, Trumpet, Electric Guitar and Recorder for about 5 years. I joined band because my father was a trumpet player and I thought it would be fun to also be a Trumpet player. Now band over all the years has generally been pretty fun, but by far the best experiences are going to competitions and competing against other schools and kids. Plus, when the competition is over you usually get to miss school and go to a water park. Band is fun, but be prepared to do a lot of hard work. 

    -Parker Heaton

    SMS Blue Band, 8th grade


    I can't remember how long have I been a musician, but if I had to guess, it would be the start of my elementary school year or above that. 
    The reason why I joined band, was because I wanted to make people happy. I wanted them to laugh at the ridiculous songs I play.
    My favorite part was playing the whole main song(s) after we practiced it/them many times daily. It feels like I accomplished a big goal in my life.

    -Alexa Vanphayboun

    SMS Blue Band, 7th grade


    I have been a musician eleven years, as I started playing the piano since I was only two years old.  Both my mom and dad at one point played an instrument, and both joined the band in high school, so naturally, I wanted to join band as well.  Playing an instrument, to me is very fun, and it’s nice to see your growth as a musician from when you first started.  The experience so far, as a whole has been great, and I continue to play in high school, but my favorite part about band is that everyone works together to form something great, music.  Music can really influence a person, and it can change someone’s life, so being able to create it with my friends really makes me happy, and I hope it makes you feel this way as well.

    -Mia Vaughan

    SMS Blue Band, 8th grade

    I have been a musician since I was six or seven years old playing the piano. Then in sixth grade I chose the flute as my instrument. I made this decision(joining band) because I wanted to try something new and it was one of the only options presented to me I felt that I would thrive in. My favorite experience(s) with band are the MS Band Night and the UIL competition from the school year prior to this one.

    -Zosia Widner

    SMS Blue Band, 8th grade


    I've been a musician for about 3 years and I joined band because I wanted to try something new. My favorite experience was going to the water park.

    -Naomi Anthony

    SMS Gold Band, 7th grade



    I have been a musician for 6 Years, the first instrument i play was the violin. Then 5 years later I joined the sunnyvale raider pride band, the summer after that i started to play the flute, ukulele, and guitar, I can also play the viola. I joined band because I love music and I wanted to play more  musical instruments, and I still do. My favorite experience with music or band was all region tryouts and the UIL water park band field trip.

    -Jonathan DeWolfe

    SMS Gold Band, 7th grade



    I joined band because I love music and I like being part of a team. I played guitar before band but I switched to trombone. My favorite part about band is playing at concerts, concerts, and pep rallies. 

    -Jordan Hackler

    SMS Gold Band, 7th grade


    I have been a musician for 2 years and I joined bands because I thought it would be a good experience for me and my friends, and I thought it would be fun to learn how to play an instrument with a group instead of just on your own. My favorite experience with band was definitely my 6th grade Winter concert because it was so much fun to see all the bands for the first time in one big group and you finally get to see how many band because they really are and how big the band family really is.

    -Zoe Ramseyer

    SMS Gold Band, 7th grade


    I’ve played bass clarinet starting joined band and I wanted to be clarinet so I became bass clarinet and it was fun! I wanted to join band because 1. I wanted to follow my sisters steps, 2. I wanted to join my friends 3. I love music, it’s fun and I enjoy it. My favorite experience in band was that when I Splash Kingdom with my friends, it was very fun and got to spend time with them.

    -Nicholas Stepp

    SMS Gold Band, 7th grade

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