• 6th Grade Honors Math

    The honors curriculum includes focal points from both sixth and seventh grades.

    The primary focal points at Grade 6 are using ratios to describe direct proportional relationships involving numbers, geometry,  measurement, probability, and adding and subtracting decimals and fractions.

    The primary focal points at Grade 7 are using direct proportional relationships in numbers, geometry, measurement, and probability; applying addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of decimals, fractions, and integers; and using statistical measures to describe data.

    Students build a foundation of basic understandings in:
    • number, operation, and quantitative reasoning
    • patterns, relationships, and algebraic thinking
    • geometry and spatial reasoning
    • measurement
    • probability and statistics
    Students use concepts, algorithms, and properties of rational numbers to explore mathematical relationships and to describe increasingly complex situations.

    Students use algebraic thinking to describe how a change in one quantity in a relationship results in a change in the other; and they connect verbal, numeric, graphic, and symbolic representations of relationships.

    Students use geometric properties and relationships, as well as spatial reasoning, to model and analyze situations and solve problems.

    Students communicate information about geometric figures or situations by quantifying attributes, generalize procedures from measurement experiences, and use the procedures to solve problems.

    Students use appropriate statistics, representations of data, reasoning, and concepts of probability to draw conclusions, evaluate arguments, and make recommendations.