• Eighth Grade English




    Students should:

    *  Come prepared with the essential materials

    *  Participate in class

    *  Complete all assignments

    *  Ask for help with ideas not understood

    *  Study for tests

    *  Keep an open mind about new ideas

    *  Have fun





    1)    Lecture/note taking- anything that I write on the board IS important.  It should be copied and referred to as needed.


    2)    Reading/note taking- most of what we read will require entries in a dialectical journal.  A template is available on my website.


    3)    Discussion in class is essential when interpreting literature.  Students should listen attentively and participate.


    4)    Essay writing is also mandatory in any English class. Many readings will have an attached writing assignment.  Students will have a writer's notebook in which to respond to literature, discussion, etc.


    5)    Practice with the STAAR test, which is the required standardized test for all Texas students.


    6)    Every student will keep a vocabulary notebook in which he/she will record new words.


    7)    ELU's:  Oral presentation and group work.  We can learn from each other.


    8)    Research:  Every student will be required to research various topics throughout the year.





    Grading Standards


    Daily grades--------55%


    Semester Exams---20% of semester average

    Late Work:

    Eng 8:  Late work will be accepted up to TWO days for a maximum grade of 70.  

    Honors:  Late work will be accepted up to ONE day for a maximum grade of 70.  
    Failing TEST grades can be corrected for up to a 70 per district policy. 
    If you are absent, you will have one day for each day's absence.  It is your responsibility to request your assignments from me.  You should have a planner with the week's assignments.



    I will be available for tutoring on Tuesday mornings from 7:20 -7:50 and on Wednesday afternoon from 3:10-3:45.





    Pens-any color except pink, orange or red


    Spiral notebook of at least 180 pages

    Two boxes of Kleenex

    Binder with notebook paper

    Highlighters--four colors