• Art  Studio
    Course Description: This is a advanced class, for students would have taken ART 1, have a high interest in art, and have teacher approval. Students are encouraged from the start to develop their own style and find their personal voice. Each student needs to explore in their sketchbook every week, sometimes a specific topic and sometimes their own exploration.Students evaluate their own work and that of others in formal terms, citing the elements of art and principles of design and their feelings. Artwork will be focused on individual work, however, there will be some group projects. The class could contain research on the internet and in books and magazines and hands-on work in pencil, charcoal, pastels, watercolor, acrylic, oil pastels, markers, donated house paint, and any other materials needed. Student will be responsible to bring their own materials. Students will create a body of work that demonstrates knowledge of a wide variety of techniques and concepts for a Portfolio Review at the end of the year. Approval and outcome of Portfolio Review can be credit for High School Art 1 .


    • Test Grades: 45% of their grade  
    • Every 9 weeks, students are required to complete 3 works of art of their choice. There will be 1 challenge project given each 9wks.
    • At the end of each 9 weeks, there will be a class critic of their artwork where students comment on their own artwork as well as others. 
    • Artist PowerPoint- each student will be required to research an contemporary artist and present it to the class. 


    Daily Grades- 55% of their grade 

    • Weekly Participation Grade( on having materials and using time wisely working on projects ) 
    • Deconstruction Book page-every Friday, due Monday


    Supplies: pack of wooden #2 pencils, erasers, paintbrushes, sketchbook, colored pencils, black sharpies, hot glue sticks, and materials of choice to use in class to experiment with (does not need experience in media- I will teach to use materials of choice)

    UIL event- JR VASE_ Towards the end of the year. Highly recommended to participate for ART studio Students! =)  in  MAy!