• The 7/8th Grade Solo & Ensemble Contest will be Tuesday, Nov. 10 from 4:00PM to 8:00PM at Sunnyvale Middle School.  Below is the schedule for singers, including times and rooms assignments.  There are instructions for what to do that evening.  Finally, there is a list of which singers are in which ensembles.



    7/8th Grade Solo & Ensemble Contest

    Choir SoloContest

    Tuesday, Nov.10, 2015

    Sunnyvale MS

    AssignedTimes, 4:00-8PM


    The Sunnyvale MS Choir Department is sponsoring a SoloContest.  Students have thepossibility of winning ribbons, medals, or trophies after being judged fortheir singing performance. Interested students must sing one solo song from memory in front of onechoir teacher judge.  The judgesgive constructive comments and award a rating, resulting in a prize.  This contest is open to all 7thand 8th grade Choir students, as well as all students who are takingprivate voice lessons.  Inaddition, there will be other middle school singers from Rockwall, Terrell, and Royce City.


    The contest will be on Tuesday, Nov. 10 at SunnyvaleMS.  Students will be assigned aperformance time in advance.  Theymay go home and return to sing, or stay at SMS until their assigned time.  Students are expected to dress up forthis event – girls wear dresses or skirts, boys wear nice pants, shirt,possibly a tie or coat.  Singerswill wait in the cafeteria until it is their turn to sing.  Parents may wait with them. Studentsmay do homework, listen to music in headphones, play personal video games, ordo something else quiet while they are waiting.


    When it is the student’s turn to sing, they will go to theirassigned room at SMS to sing for the judge.  Only the singer, judge, and accompanist will be in theroom;  there is no other audience.  When the singer enters the room theyshould face the judge.  When thejudge is ready for the singer to begin, the student should say, “My name is___________ and I will be singing ______________”.  Then the student will sing their song from memory while Mrs.Shelley or another accompanist is playing the piano part.  When the student has finished singing,the judge will talk to them briefly and write down comments to help them.  As the singer leaves the room theyshould say, “Thank you” to the judge.


    After the student has finished and left the judge’s room,they should leave the school. Results and scores will be announced the next day at school.  Comment sheets and awards will be givenout at school.


    Students will help choose a song, either one they havelearned in class, from their voice teacher, or one they will learn athome.  Since this is a formalcompetition, songs are more formal in style, not pop or country.  Mrs. Shelley will be available beforeor after school for tutorials to help interested students.


    Attached is a permission form for your parents to sign.Remember, your song must be memorized. Talk with your parents to see if you have a special time request foryour performance.













    Suunyvale MSChoir Solo Contest


    Due Oct. 30






    Mychild,________________________________________ wants to perform in the SoloContest on Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2015. They will work to memorize their solo song.  They will have transportation that night.






    I would like to request that they sing around thistime:____________PM

    (We start at 4:00PM and finish at 8:00PM)