• Hurricane Harbor Information


    Saturday, Apr. 29, 2017


    The Sunnyvale Middle School Choir has been invited to compete at the Hurricane Harbor Choral Classic competition on Saturday, Apr. 29, 2017.  This competition is open to any 7th or 8th grade Sunnyvale Choir student who is academically eligible. Participation in this contest is NOT REQUIRED, but students who do compete will receive an extra credit grade.  Choirs will be evaluated by a panel of judges who award ratings on our performance.



    Each eligible student will need to pay an entry fee of $32.00.  This covers the cost of the contest and includes admission to Hurricane Harbor waterpark. The entry fee DOES NOT include food, drinks, or souvenirs bought at the waterpark; students must bring their own money the day of the contest if they wish to purchase these extras.

    The entry fee is due April 21st.  Cash or checks toSUNNYVALE MIDDLE SCHOOL.



                8:00AM– Meet at Sunnyvale Middle School

                8:15AM– School bus departs

                9:15AM– Arrive Birdville High School in North Richland Hills

                9:45AM– Sunnyvale Tenor Bass Choir competes

                10:15AM– Sunnyvale Treble Choir competes

    10:45AM – Depart Birdville H.S.

                11:15AM– Arrive Hurricane Harbor

                5:00PM– Awards Ceremony at Hurricane Harbor

                6:00PM– Leave Hurricane Harbor

                6:45PM– Arrive Sunnyvale Middle School



    Competition – Sunnyvale Choir T-SHIRT and blue jean pants

    Hurricane Harbor –


    Girls – one piece or two piece,modestly cut.  Okay to wear a shirt or shorts over the swimsuit, but suit must still follow guidelines.

    Boys – swim trunks.  No Speedo style.  Okay to wear a shirt or shorts over the suit.  No shirts with inappropriate sayings or advertising.



                A bag labeled with your name containing:

                1.  Swimsuit or other clothes for Hurricane Harbor

                2.  Towel

                3.  Sunscreen and lip balm

                4.  Flip flops or water shoes

                5.  Optional – money for food, souvenirs,or rentals (lockers, floats)



    Students will be assigned to a bus.  No loud talking or yelling.  All electronics are allowed, but at your own risk.



    When we arrive at Hurricane Harbor we will enter the gates as a group, then move as a group to find our base location.  The park does not allow us to reserve areas, so we will figure out where our base location will be when we get there.  A chaperone will be at the base location all day.   Once our base has been established, the students will be on their own. They will be highly encouraged to have a buddy at all times.  Students will go to the dressing rooms to change into swimsuits, then can go play.  Personal belongings can be left at our base location, but are not secure there – chaperones can’t always tell who should be getting into  which bag.  Students are encouraged to rent lockers if they have valuables.    At 5:00PM students will start changing into dry clothes and getting their bags ready to leave.  We will all go to the Awards Ceremony to see if we won a trophy, then go to our buses.  Any student who delays our departure time may be subject to an ISS assignment upon our return to school.

    Hurricane Harbor is closed to the public the day we are there; only competing students and chaperones will be allowed in the park. NO STUDENT MAY LEAVE THE PARK ON THEIR OWN OR WITH A PARENT WITHOUT A WRITTEN NOTE GIVEN TO MRS. SHELLEY IN ADVANCE.




    A permission slip with emergency phone numbers will be sent home the week before we go to the contest.  Students are allowed to bring cellphones with them, but must be careful around the water or to keep them from being stolen.  Mrs. Shelley and the chaperones will be available throughout the day if problems arise.



    We will need to have parent chaperones accompanying us on our trip.  Chaperone tickets are $25.  Chaperones may swim if they like, wearing a swimsuit similar to the guidelines for the students, or choose to wear regular clothes and watch(like Mrs. Shelley!).  Chaperones may bring other school age children with them, but must buy the child’s ticket at a cost of $32.  Each chaperone will be assigned a group of about 10 students to monitor during the day.  If you are interested in chaperoning,please call or email Mrs. Shelley as soon as possible.  You must have filed a criminal background check with Sunnyvale ISD sometime this school year.



    1.  Bad Weather

    If the park has to close because of bad weather there are no ticket refunds and we will come home early.  Parents will be called if this is the case.

    1. Canceling Tickets

    There will not be refunds on tickets.  However you can use the ticket atHurricane Harbor anytime during the remainder of May until June 15th.

    1. Student Behavior

    Obviously, it is essential that all students are on their best behavior and are responsible for their actions throughout the day.  Not only is it important to representSunnyvale M.S. and Sunnyvale ISD positively, but we don’t want someone getting hurt at the waterpark.  Students who violate the rules will have their parents called immediately to drive toArlington and pick up their child. Students may be subject to ISS assignment when we return to school.

    1. Leaving Hurricane Harbor

    We will leave the park at 6:00PM.  This will give our students about 8 hours of sun and fun.  However, if a student needs to leave earlier parents can drive to Arlington to come get them.  Mrs. Shelley MUST have written notice of this in advance.  They will be escorted to the front gate by an adult who will wait with them until they are picked up.  Since the park is closed to the public, parents cannot come inside to get them.


    Please contact Mrs.Shelley if you have further concerns or questions.  Sometimes parents are nervous about possible dangers.  This contest has been run successfully for over 10 years with a very few problems, all of which were minor.  There will be plenty of adult supervision and the kids will have a great time!











    Return to Mrs.Shelley by April 21st





    Choir ClassPeriod________


    My child will compete and go to the water park.  Attached is $32

                ____Cash            ____Check to Sunnyvale M.S.


    My child will compete only and not go to the water park OR my child has a season pass to Hurricane Harbor.  Attached is $15

                ____Cash            ____Check to Sunnyvale M.S.



    Parent Signature___________________________________________










    _____I would like to be a parent chaperone.  I have/will have filed a background check with Sunnyvale ISD.  Attached is $25 for my ticket.


    _____ I would need to bring a school-age child.  Attached is $32 for each child.





    Email or Phone during day__________________________________________


    Saturday, Apr. 29, 2017





    These have been established through years of attending this competition.  Not only is it helpful for modesty, but it is more comfortable walking around the park and riding the water slides.  Students who are not able to follow the guidelines should not attend the contest.  Sunnyvale Choir students who are at the waterpark and have on swimsuits that do not follow the guidelines will have their parents called to come pick them up early.  If a shirt is worn over the swimsuit, the swimsuit underneath still needs to follow these guidelines.


    Boys: swim trunks or board shorts, shirt is optional


    Girls:  swimsuit can be one piece or two piece

    If a two piece suit it should:

    1. Have bottoms with at least 2 inches of material on the sides
    2. Cover the majority of the stomach – tankinis or apron style
    3. Not more than 2 -3 inches of stomach should show
    4. Boy shorts or skirt on the bottom are recommended but not required
    5. Not be super low cut on the top

    No bikinis