iRaider Parent U
iRaider Parent U

iRaider Parent U, SISD’s new parent education program, will incorporate a variety of resources for parents including workshops, video tutorials, and other helpful information.

Upcoming Events:

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General Parent Support

Academic Support
TEKS Resource System Parent Portal-  Sunnyvale ISD is participating in a curriculum cooperative hosted by the Texas Curriculum Management Program Cooperative (TCMPC). This curriculum system assures that our curriculum is comprehensive and is aligned from one grade level to the next. Lessons are presented using the research-based 5E model which encourages children to Engage, Explore, Explain, Extend (or Elaborate), and Evaluate. The parent website allows you to view the content that is covered within each nine week grading period and gives you suggestions for supporting your student at home.
Homework Support
Raider Lab - SHS
Raider Room - SMS

Homework Toolbox - resources collected for you by our teachers and staff!
Technology Support
Check out these recently added video tutorials from Sunnyvale Middle School's Technology Integration Page. Mrs. Bartis has released a new parent technology resource page, "Catch Me Up."
Episode 1 - What in the world is Edmodo?
Episode 2 -  How do I help my student join an Edmodo group and how do I get a Parent Code?
Episode 3 - Edmodo Apps (iPhone and iPad)
Episode 4 - Educreations
Episode 5 - Blabberize
Click here to watch Episode 5
Facebook and Device Safety
Special Education Support
Two of our special education teachers are collaborating to produce a monthly Special Education newsletter for teachers and parents. Each edition provides information on a particular disability, with tips and tools for providing support for students.
SISD Sped News

Scholarship Opportunities