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  • This Week in READING Class
    Week of: March 19-23
    What are we learning this week?
    Monday - STAAR Review warm-up; Read "Squeak Twice for Yes." Students will complete Quiz, Plot, and Character Traits worksheets.
    Tuesday -  STAAR Review warm-up;  STAAR Ready practice
    Wednesday -  STAAR Review warm-up; Perspective Writing
    Thursday - STAAR Review warm-up; Library; finish Perspective Writing; Read "Dad's New Job" and complete quiz. 
    Friday - STAAR Review warm-up; Dictionary Skills
    *** Unit 3 Test: Informational Texts - Tuesday, March 6. Three Quizlets for review under Reading Test Reviews, plus students should study their group's research slides. ***
    Learning Resources . . . what websites, videos, materials will be helpful?
    NOTE: All quizzes and assessments will be application-based in 5th grade. Students must be able to apply the concepts learned in class and through ELUs to answer questions on quizzes and assessments throughout the year in all 5th grade core classes.
    What reading strategies can I use for tests and reading passages?
    • Questions 1st - Look at the questions first and figure out what reading concept we have covered in class that you are being tested on.            
    • Read - Read and write the GIST (Summarizing/finding the main idea). *Highlight or underline important vocabulary.        
    • Answer Questions - Answer the questions...*Re-read parts of the passage to find the answers to the questions. *Eliminate answer choices.
    • Prove Your Answers  - SHOW YOUR WORK- Mark with your pencil  OR highlight the part of the passage where you found the answer. *Use REASONING when selecting an answer (DO NOT GUESS!!).