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  • This Week in ELAR Class
    Week of: November 12-16
    What are we learning this week in 7th grade?
    Monday - Unit Test
    Tuesday - 
    Wednesday -  Library

    ***7th gr Unit Test (Literary Nonfiction) - November 12th***

    What are we learning this week in 6th grade?
    Monday - #WEDay ELU 
    Tuesday - #WEDay ELU presentation due
    Wednesday -  Unit Test
    Thursday -  
    Friday -

    ***6th gr Unit Test (Literary Nonfiction & Fiction) - November 14th***

    Learning Resources . . . what websites, videos, materials will be helpful?
    NOTE: All quizzes and assessments will be application-based in 6th & 7th grades. Students must be able to apply the concepts learned in class and through ELUs to answer questions on quizzes and assessments throughout the year in all 6th & 7th grade core classes.