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    This week in English III:

    Overview- Unit 1

    Touring American Lit. (Short Stories) *Plot, setting, mood, character, theme (connections/meaning/message)

    Writing- Free Write- Original short story, poem

    Conventions in Poetry

    Unit Vocabulary

    • Synthesize – combine elements and parts to form a coherent whole
    • Inductive reasoning – the process of determining general principles by logic or observation from specific data; reasoning from parts to whole (e.g., all ice I’ve ever felt is cold; therefore, all ice is cold)
    • Deductive reasoning – the process of logical reasoning from general principles to specific instances based on the assumed truth of the principle; reasoning from wholes to parts.
    • Theme – the central or universal idea of a piece of fiction or the main idea of a nonfiction essay. Themes are ideas or concepts that relate to morals and values and speak to the human experience.
    • Literary device – a specific convention or structure—such as imagery, irony, or foreshadowing—that is employed by the author to produce a given effect. Literary devices are important aspects of an author’s style.

    Vocabulary- *SAT words

    Reading focus- Self-select fiction text *Grade appropriate from library or teacher collection

    Presentation- Students will present their original writing to the class


    Important Due Dates for Major Projects and Tests:


    Honors Summer Reading Exam- Aug. 28

    Honors Short Story Presenations- Sept. 6

    Short Story Fair- Sept. 7

    Short Story Unit Test- Sept. 10/11

    Poetry Aware Test- Sept. 21

    Short Story/Poem Writing Portfolio- Sept. 28

    Formal Presentations (Writing)- Oct. 2-5

    Vocabulary Test- Oct. 12

    Poetry Unit Test-