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    Classroom Resources:

    Platform is Google Classroom
    3A: Personal Finance/Psychology-  4lejz2l
    4A: Government/ Economics- oke1i2
    5A: Government/Econoimcs- 54xp6ia

    6B: Honors Government/Honors Economics- ogisqgx
    7B: Personal Finance/Psychology- 9c8ant

     Each student has been assigned their online textbook log in. The Website log in is: My.hrw.com


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    Tues 7:15, or by appointment 

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     Weekly Class Objectives: Week of October 15th-19th
    Personal Finance 
     Unit 4- Debt (Lesson Plans by the Unit)
    A. Debt: Product, Not Privilege
    1. Idenitfy the costs of using various types of credit. 
    B. Debunking the Credit Mythis
    1. Evaulate and refute the myths associated with debt. 
    2. Apply systmatic decision making to idenifty the most cost-effective option for purhchasing a car. 
    3. Idenitfy variou types of mortgage loans and the most cost-effective option for purchasing a home. 
    4. Evaulate ways that debt can negatively affect your financial future and how to overcome personal debt. 
    C. The Credit Score
    1. Describe the elements of a credit score. 
    2. Understand how to obtain a credit report. 
    3. Explain how a credit score affects creditworthiness and the cost of credit. 
    4. Explain the factors that affect a credit score. 
    5. Analyze a credit report, indicate the time that certain negative data can be retained, and describe how to dispute inaccurate entries. 
    D. Creit Bureaus and Identity Theft
    1. Identify organizations that maintain consumer credit records. 
    2. Summarize major consumer credit laws.
    3. Develop a plan for protecting prsonal information. 
    Chapter 6-Legistlative Branch
    Formal and Informal Qualifications of Legislative Branch
    Powers of Legislative Branch
    Important Concepts of Legislative Branch
    How a Bill Becomes a law
    "Mr. Smith Goes to Washingto selected clips)
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