• Senior Photos - The Class of 2016
    SHS is pleased to announce our partnership for senior portraiture with Big Shots of Forney. Big Shots is coming to SHS to take your Yearbook Sr Photo. Big Shots is conveniently located in Forney - just a quick drive for Sunnyvale seniors for make up appointments.

    SHS seniors are required to be photographed at Big Shots for their yearbook portrait that will be featured on the senior class pages. All seniors should have received an appointment time for your photo sitting in the mail. If you did not please contact Big Shots at 214-417-8519.
    Please refer to the list of Frequently Asked Questions below:

    SHS Senior Portraits - Frequently Asked Questions

    1. When is the deadline?
    All seniors must have their yearbook portrait taken by Sept 1. 

    2. What if I will be out of the country over the summer?
    Please contact Mrs. Vanek immediately. emily.vanek@sunnyvaleisd.com
    3. Who is the photographer?
    We are pleased to offer SHS seniors the quality work of Big Shots. The Big Shots staff provide excellent service and great results. To view samples of their work, please visit http://bigshotsphotography.zenfolio.com/.

    4. Where is the studio located?
    The studio is conveniently locating your sitting at SHS Cafetorium. No extra driving required unless you have a "make-up" appointment.
    5. When and how can I schedule my senior portrait appointment?
    You were notified of your appointment time during the summer. You should call the studio at (972) 240-1234, if you are unable to make the pre-scheduled appointment. It is a good idea to bring a parent, family member or friend to the appointment. 

    6. How much do portrait packages cost?
    Packages for senior portraits vary.  If you choose to have a custom senior session, you will need set this up with the studio in advance.

    7. Am I required to purchase a senior portrait package?
    No. The only senior portrait that students are required to take is the yearbook pose. For this pose, the sitting fee and portrait are complimentary to all SHS seniors. Simply make your appointment and have your portrait taken.

    8. What is the yearbook portrait pose?
    SHS seniors will be photographed wearing their graduation gowns while holding their caps. The cap, gown and senior stole will be available at the studio upon your arrival to your portrait sitting.

    9. I’m in National Honor Society. Will I need the NHS sash for the portrait?
    Yes. All seniors will have a portrait taken with the NHS sash and without, regardless of their membership in NHS. The reason we do this is to ensure that anyone who is inducted as a senior may have the sash in his or her yearbook portrait. Additionally, if a student faces a disciplinary infraction during his or her senior year, causing removal of the student from NHS, the student will not be featured in the yearbook with the NHS sash.

    10. How long does the photo take? 
    About five minutes. Seriously.

    11. What is the dress code / attire for senior portraits?
    The dress code for the yearbook pose is below:

    -No earrings whatsoever
    -No facial piercings whatsoever
    -No facial hair - must be clean-shaven. No mustaches, beards or goatees.
    -No mohawks or "faux-hawks"
    -No hairstyles with unnatural colors (red, blue, green, etc.)
    -Teeth: No "grills"

    -Ladies may wear earrings - lobes only
    -No facial piercings whatsoever
    -Necklaces are fine, but must be traditional - no "hemp"- style necklaces
    -No hairstyles with unnatural colors (red, blue, green, etc.)
    -No mohawks or "faux-hawks"
    -Teeth: No "grills"

    Please note: The photographer has the authority to send you home if you are not in dress code. Additionally, if you are photographed out of dress code, SHS reserves the right to remove your portrait from the senior yearbook spread.

    12. What type of clothes should I wear/bring to the appointment? What else should I do to prepare for the appointment?
    If you are having a custom session photographed, you should bring a selection of clothes that reflect your personality or that you wish to be photographed in.
    Helpful Hints:
    -You may wish to bring your letter jacket and class ring (it may be helpful to trim nails, etc.) for the portraits.
    -You are welcome to bring sports equipment, instruments, pom-poms, megaphones, etc. to the appointment.
    -It may be helpful to limit sun exposure prior to your portrait session / consider possible tan lines, etc.

    For the yearbook pose:
    -Gentlemen do not need to bring a shirt and tie; the photographer will provide the "bib" needed for this.
    -Ladies should wear something that may be seen underneath the top portion of the gown.
    -It will help to look through past yearbooks for examples.

    12. How will I view my proofs?
    After your portrait session, you will be given instruction on how to view your proofs online.

    13. Is it possible to use my senior portraits in my senior ad?
    This is a complicated question. Please see below:

    a. Seniors will be given the opportunity to purchase an ad in the sports program that is sold at football games. Senior images taken may be used in your sports program ad that is designed by Big Shots or purchased to be used in a pre-designed ad. To purchase a sports program ad, please contact Janet Clements at theclements4@tx.rr.com.

    b. Very important: The cap and gown image - or any image - taken by Big Shots may NOT be used in your senior ads without the photo being purchased through Big Shots. Please know that you may NOT scan a photo that has been purchased for use in a senior ad (yearbook or sports program or any other). The yearbook staff and sports program organizers will not accept scanned images of your senior photo that violate copyright standards.

    c. Please know that you can also use the same ad you purchase for the football program for the yearbook ad! This is a great feature that the yearbook staff and sports program organizers are very pleased to offer! We hope you'll take advantage of it.  The simplicity of creating one ad for both publications should be very appealing for senior parents. (Please note: the yearbook advertising space must still be purchased). Click here for information on yearbook advertising.

    d. Big Shots will also design your senior yearbook ad, if you'd like. Please contact the studio for more information.
    14. Who should I contact if I have questions about senior ads?
    To schedule an appointment, please contact Big Shots at (214) 417-8519. For all general questions, please contact Mrs. Vanek - emily.vanek@sunnyvaleisd.com.

    Class of 2016, we are so proud of you! Please make sure to take care of your senior portrait and ALL your other senior-related business! This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that's a lot of fun, but you GOTTA take care of your business, too! Enjoy your summer!!

    -Mrs. Vanek