SEF's Mission is...

    • To enrich education with grants for innovative and engaging teaching, new technologies and school improvements;

    • To encourage teachers and school staff members who guide student learning;

    • To increase community support for the Sunnyvale Independent School District.

  • Congratulations to the SEF Grant Award Winners for the 2015-2016 School Year!



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    Congratulations to the SEF Grant Award Winners for the 2014-1015 School Year. SEF had a record number of 38 grant applications in the Fall and another 7 applications during our first Spring grant opportunity! SEF was thrilled to grant monies for many of these innovative grants and has enjoyed seeing SISD students benefiting from these wonderful projects! Check out the pictures and testimonials below of the happy recipients!!

    From Candace Clarke - Sunnyvale High School Theatre Teacher
    "Wanted to share some photos with y'all of our Vital Communicates Grant and Careful reflections Grant. Below is a spotlight operator using our wireless communications system! You wouldn't believe how much smoother a show can run when everyone can communicate clearly!  They were used in 5 shows last year with great results, a lot less stress, and high sense of professionalism.  THANKS SEF For All Your Support!!"
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    2014 Grants