• Dual Credit Information


    This page is to provide some basic information about how the dual credit classes may differ from the regular and honors classes. Dual credit classes are taught and graded at the same level as a college class. There may be a little adjustment period when students first get started in the dual credit program. Here are a few things that may be different.
    Homework & Due Dates
    All of our homework is done on a website called MyMathLab (www.mymathlab.com), which will let students work the problems (or similar versions of the problems) as many times as they wish. For that reason, as long as students keep up with their assignments, they should be able to have a homework average close to 100. Students typically will have three or four days after a lesson is taught before the homework is due. After the due date, and before the test over that material, students may continue to work on homework with a 30% late penalty. The late penalty only affects problems which are submitted after the due date. At the time scheduled for the test over that material, access to the homework assigments is cut off. Any assignments not started by that time are recorded as zeros. Since students can continue to work on their assignments up until the test, grades for those assignments are not entered into Parent Portal until after the test date. If you wish to see your student's current progress, you can either have them log in and show you, or you can contact me and I will let you know. 
    We will have several quizzes throughout the semester to check for student understanding. Students will not have access to notes or other materials (except perhaps formulas that I provide) during the quizzes. Students should expect to have a quiz once every week. The quizzes will be short and will be timed. Some quizzes will be online, and some will be pencil and paper.
    We have four tests throughout the semester. This means we will have two tests during the first grading period of each semester, and two tests during the second grading period. With a small number of tests, more material will be covered, and each test counts for a larger percentage of a student's average. Consequently, it is not uncommon for a student's average to change dramatically after a test. There is usually a period of three or four weeks between tests, so it is very common for a student's average not to change much for weeks at a time. Since each test covers a larger amount of material than a typical high school math test, students should plan to spend a good amount of time preparing for each test. 
    Final Exams (Semester Exams)
    All of the dual credit math classes have cumulative final exams at the end of each semester. These exams count for 25% of the students semester average. All students are required to take these exams. Therefore, dual credit students cannot be exempt from their dual credit exams. 
    Grades and Keeping Updated on Grades
    All of the grades which are entered into Parent Portal are taken from MyMathLab. Students have access to these grades at all times, and can check their average whenever they wish. Since grades are only entered in Parent Portal after test dates (which are usually three or four weeks apart), there can be a long delay between grade entries. This can sometimes result in drastic changes in a student's average. Due to the long period of time between grades being entered into Parent Portal, it is strongly suggested that parents have their students show them their grades periodically to stay updated. Unfortunately, there is not a parent login for MyMathLab. NOTE: The overall average shown on MyMathLab is the SEMESTER average, and not the nine weeks average. For the first nine weeks and the third nine weeks the averages on Parent Portal and MyMathLab will be the same. During the second and fourth nine weeks, they may be different.
    The percentages for the different grade categories are as follows:
    20% - Homework
    15% - Quizzes 
    40% - Tests 1-4
    25% - Final Exam
    Dual Credit Semester Averages 
    This is to let all dual credit math students know about a possible discrepancy with the final semester average.

    Non Dual Credit classes are graded with the semester exam automatically calculated at 15%. Semester exams in dual credit math classes count 25%, so the average will most likely change slightly. The incorrect average will be displayed in Parent Portal until the beginning grades are finalized and report cards are printed. In the meantime, to get a correct semester average use the following method:

    Find the average before the exam by adding the 2 nine weeks grades and dividing by 2. Multiply this average by .75, multiply the exam grade by .25, then add the results. Here is an example:

    1st 9 weeks: 78
    2nd 9 weeks: 86
    Exam grade: 95
    Average before the exam = (78+86)/2 = 82
    82*(.75) + 95*(.25) = 85.25

    So the semester average will be an 85. The gradebook system and Parent Portal would display it as an 84 because it figures the exam at 15% rather than 25%. This will be corrected before grades are finalized.