Supplies for my class are simple.  You will need a note book and a folder. They will need to sign up for reminder 101 and Edmodo the first day of class.  
    They will also need something to write with and write on each day.  
    I will send reminders about tests, projects and homework assignments.  I will also post notes about my class on the class calendar.  I will be the topic of many discussions at your supper table.  I will encourage you to jump in with both feet and give your kid some knowledge ammo for my class.  I believe passion brings out the best learning environment and we will have fun trying to get there!
    Grading: Major Tests 50%
                    Minor Grades 35%
                   9Weeks test 15% 
     Tutoring days are before school Thursday and Friday.
    ***I give bonus points for Kleenex, Expo markers, Lotion and Lysol. Which can be turned for multiple things!  All good!