• Locking the iMac

    Have you ever wanted to quickly secure your computer from prying eyes, but without logging all the way out? This guide will show you how to instantly start a password protected screen saver at the flick of the mouse! In this example we will set the upper right hand corner of our screen to start a screen saver when we drive our mouse curser to it.

    First we need to open the System Preferences


    Now we will click on Security


    Check the box for "Require password to wake this computer from sleep or screen saver"


    Click Show All

    show all

    Click Expose & Spaces


    Click Expose


    Pick a corner to serve as your hot zone, and select Start Screen Saver


    Now, wave your mouse into the upper right hand corner and behold as your screen saver comes alive! Notice you must now input your username and password to free the computer. This will help ensure that your grades, files, etc. stay private and secure.