Video Technology I, II & III

    Course Requirements


    Course Description:

    This course will allow students to use digital video systems to compare and contrast different technologies. They will be required to engage in planning and developing various video projects for a variety of purposes and audiences; which include, but are not limited to:  public service announcements, newscasts, sports footage, and music videos.  The class will also take a look behind the scenes of various films and television programs to discover how important digital effects are becoming to video.  This course satisfies the Technology Application credit.


    ***Students in Video Technology I, II & III are required to work during football, soccer and track events held at Sunnyvale Stadium. 



                Daily Work                             25%

                Tests                                       30%

                Projects                                   30%

                9 Week or Semester Exam       15%


                2-4 gb flash drive                                           

                set of headphones (can be brought daily or turned in)

                pen or pencil & highlighter


          Rules & Behavior Expectations:

    A.     Tardy Rules - Be in your seat and ready to begin when the tardy bell rings.  This does not mean in the hallway; it means in your seat.

    B.      Team Projects – You will be assigned to a team for certain projects.  You will be expected to actively participate with your team to the maximum extent of your activities.  Your grade on team projects will depend on two factors, the quality of the product, and your involvement in the creation of the project.  Merely being “in the group” does not guarantee a passing grade.

    C.      Internet Access – You will have Internet access within the lab, and are expected to act responsibly at all times.  While you are encouraged to explore the Internet for educational purposes, certain activities are not allowed:

    a.     Online Chat Rooms

    b.     Games

    c.     Personal Communication Applications such as Facebook, My Space, Twitter, or personal email access, etc.

    d.     Objectionable Sites such as pornography, hate sites, sites with obscene or objectionable information, language, images, etc.

    e.     Sites that promote illegal activities including pirated software or copyrighted materials such as Kazaa, Limewire, etc.

    f.      Proxy sites that allow students to access other sites blocked by the district firewall.

    g.     Other sites that do not contribute to the educational process.

    D.     Acceptable Use Policy – The district has implemented an acceptable use policy, and is contained in your student handbook, and reproduced below.  In addition, you and your parents will be expected to acknowledge acceptance of this policy before Internet access is granted. 

    E.      Care of Hardware & Software – SISD has installed a state of the art lab that you have the privilege of using.  This lab contains high quality equipment and software.  Any intentional damage on your part will result in withdrawal of that privilege.  Your are not given permission to install any software and/or applications, or change or alter any system settings, including system defaults, desktop settings, screen savers, etc. without my specific instructions.  You may not perform other actions, that in the instructor’s opinion, will damage the consistency and/or integrity of the computer system(s).

    F.      Food or Drink – District Policy prohibits eating in any classroom.  This includes gum or candy, or any food or beverage. Violation of this policy will result in forfeiture of the food or drink, and possible suspension of computer privileges for the remainder of the period. Recurring violation of this rule will result in suspension of computer privileges for longer periods.

    G.     Supplies – All required supplies must be provided on a timely basis. You must always come to class prepared for the day’s lessons.  Failure to be prepared may result in your inability to complete the day’s assignments with a resulting impact on your grade.

    H.     Student MAY NOT, under any circumstances, use a class laptop to charge an auxiliary device.  This drains the battery of the laptop and creates problems when the laptop has not received additional charge time throughout the day.These items include but are not limited to: cell phones, tablets, cameras, etc. (Please bring your charger and charge with a power outlet in my room. This is ALWAYS permissible.)

    I.        Late Work/Make-up Work –                                                                                                                                     

                            1st day late – maximum grade of 70

                2nd day late – maximum grade of 60

                3rd day late – maximum grade of 50

                **Late work will not be accepted after the 3rd day. It is your responsibility to pick up your work from the day(s) you are absent.  I will give you the work when you ask; I will not come to you.  Please let me know ahead of time when you know you will be absent so I can get you your work before you leave.


    Hall Passes

    Students will receive two hall passes each nine weeks.  Students are responsible for keeping up with their hall pass.  After these are used, the student will not be allowed to leave the classroom unless called by the counselor, principal or office. 


    Video Production

    Students who create, produce or share inappropriate or offensive materials or content to any SISD or community audience will be treated as having violated the SISD Acceptable Use Policy.  “Inappropriate” or “offensive” will be determined at the discretion of the Video Technology teacher.  All project ideas and formats MUST be approved by Mrs. Fisher prior to start of any production.  Her word is final, and no work will be accepted without her prior approval.  Likewise, any violation of fair use/copyright guidelines will also be considered a violation of the SISD Acceptable Use Policy, and will be dealt with using the consequences as set forth in this policy.

    For a printable version of the Course Description, click here.