• Class Rules and Information

    I have high expectations for all of my students.  These expectations extend beyond academics and into areas of character and behavior as well.  Generally speaking, the concepts of respect and responsibility form the foundation of my expectations.  Here are a few topics that require more specific guidelines and information:

    Cell Phones
    • Cell phones can be useful devices in the educational setting; however, the reality of the situation is that students often give in to the temptation to use them in unauthorized ways (texting, for example). This has been a growing issue in our student body to the point that it causes major problems in the learning environment.  For this reason, I do not allow them to have their cell phones out during class except for the VERY RARE times when I allow them to use their smart phones for educational or designated purposes. If students need to contact a parent, they should ask permission FIRST.  At that point I will allow them to use my phone or get their phone out and use it.                



    English Department Computer Usage Guidelines:
    • Students should remember that they have already signed the district’s Acceptable Use Policy for computers.  That policy remains in effect with the English Department computers.

     1.     English department computers will not be used outside of English classrooms and will not be used without English teacher supervision.

    2.     Students will not be allowed to use the computers when there is a substitute teacher.

    3.     English department computers will be monitored with monitoring software. This means that all four English teachers can monitor all thirty computers at all times.

    4.     Students will not be allowed to play games on English department computers unless they have been specified by the teacher for educational purposes (such as the Game Mode on Study Island).

    5.     Students will not watch movies on the English department computers. 

    6.     Anything accessed on English department computers must be for specific educational purposes.

     7.  Any unauthorized use of these computers will result in the IMMEDIATE REVOCATION OF COMPUTER PRIVILEGES for a time period to be determined by the teacher.

     8.     Any student who maliciously damages a computer is responsible for the cost of repair or replacement. 


    Late Work Policy

    •     No minor or intermediate assignments will be accepted late.
    •     Major assignments will be accepted one day late, and grading will begin at a 70.

    Extra Credit

    •     I do not offer extra assignments as extra credit.

    Classroom Environment

    • Except in specifically designated circumstances, no eating is allowed in the classroom.
    • We are blessed to be working in an incredibly beautiful school environment.  Respecting this environment and taking care of it are priorities.

    Academic Dishonesty

    • Plagiarism is a serious offense, and as such there will be serious consequences.  Students caught plagiarizing will receive zeros on the relevant assignment.  Parents will be contacted.  Additional disciplinary measures may be taken.  
    •   Cheating will bring about the same consequences. In the case of cheating, all parties who are knowingly involved will experience consequences.

    Tutorials-Students are welcome to come by any time that I am in my room if they have questions, need clarification, etc. However,  for a longer, more formal tutorial session, see the main page of my website for weekly times. 

    Disciplinary Procedures

    • Any major discipline issue will be handled through the office in accordance with the SISD Student Code of Conduct.
    • Minor discipline issues will follow this procedure:                           
          1.  Documented Warning
          2.  Detention served with teacher/parent contact
                 (Failure to serve a teacher-held detention will turn into an office detention)
         3.  Office detention and possibly further consequences as deemed appropriate by the principal.

    Tardy Policy

    • Students will be allowed one tardy per class each semester.
    • The second tardy for the semester in each class will result in a 30 minute detention assigned by the teacher.  Each tardy after the second tardy in each class will result in an office referral.
    • 1st office referral(3rd tardy)..................1 detention
    • 2nd office referral (4th tardy)...............Saturday School
    • 3rd office referral (5th tardy)...............Saturday School
    • 4th office referral (6th tardy)...............1 Day of ISS
    • 5th office referral (7th tardy)...............2 Days of ISS
    • 6th office referral (8th tardy)..............3 Days of ISS
    Supplies to be shared among all sophomores in English II/English II Honors