•  Bryce Canyon, in beautiful God's Country...Utah!!
    We will be in this neck of the woods for summer of '16.  Great way to connect with nature. 
     The 1971 Shasta 1400 14ft. "Gladys" Trailer
    This is our recently purchased ride and named in memory of wife's incredible grandmother Louise "Gladys" Hobbs We just completed 6,540 miles this summer of 2017 in it, and again in summer of 2018 another 6,400 miles on the East Coast up to Maine. Old school way of RVing with the family.  Can you say tupperware and web netted chairs?
    Gladys Conaway Camper
    The Legendary Bruce Trail of Canada's Niagra Peninsula
     Over 88km of scenic views of the Niagra Escarpment.  This trail is unique in that it passes mostly through private property that owners have graciously allowed travel. The Conaway Family will took this on (a portion around Toronto) during summer of 15'.
     Los Alamos National Observatory and the Jemez Trail 50 mile/ 50k
    Hardest 50k I will ever do.  Finished in a little over 8hrs, however breathing at 10,000 in altitude is not easy for us Texans.  Thanks Matt Crownover for recommending this one!!
    North Texas Trail Runners
    These guys are nuts..nothing cuts pride like being passed by a 75 year old man..wait for me Grandpa!!!)
    Kindermusik with Christie Conaway
    Very cool site about teaching music to young age children.
    Hotter Than Hell 100 Mile Endurance Bike Ride
    14,000 + entrants can't be wrong.  I finished not first, nor last, but made it through Hell's Gate...sub 6:00 hour.

    Northeast Texas Chapparal Trail
    Farmersville to Paris "Rails to Trail" MTB Ride.  A buddy and I did this and only got to Paris in two days of pushing through tough woods and briars.  We will try again in the fall to make it all the way to New Boston 120 miles.
    North Country Scenic Trail
    This trail is 4,600 miles long, seven states is the longest in the world and goes from NY to North Dakota.  I have hiked about 14 miles of it, which is not even .05 %.  Check out this incredible lady, Joan Young, who took care of business and became one of the first to hike it through...DANG!!!
    Dallas White Rock Marathon
    Great times with friends and one of the best of the country.
    Rocky Raccoon Trail Run 100 Miler
    Former SHS principal Zach Hobbs and I completed this race.  We had blisters, we had demons, we had tears and blood..but we made it.
    Texas Beekeepers Association
    The Conaway's are top-bar hive bee keepers, an easy and natural way to keep bees in your backyard...You into Honey Bro'?)
    My boys and I are addicted..try to find a cache with GPS technology.  Did you know that a hidden cache is located very close to SMS?
    The Historic Rhea/Spellman Home Downtown Forney
    We are truly blessed to live here and to pass on the history of the Mick Spellman home.
    Dutch Oven Cooking 
    Forget hotdogs and tasteless burgers, do it the way old-timers did with incredible recipes and a hot fire.  Two rules:  Every two coals ='s 25 degrees of heat and never ever wash your oven with soap!!
    Ruidoso, New Mexico
    Hiking, skiing, Billy the Kid Scenic Byway, Fort Stanton, White Sands, Cloudcroft..this is our vacation spot every year.  Cool summer nights and great people, makes it so hard to come back to Texas.  "Red or Green Chile?".. will be the simple question on your food choices.
    Off The Grid Living.  
    Ever wondered if you could sustain with your family on totally, 100% free of utilities or basic services.  Check out this site on how many people have been doing this for years.  
    One Hundred Year Old Antique Mechanical Clocks  
    We have several clocks in our house; 1890's Vienna Regulator Wall Clock, 1920's Czechslovakia Alarm Clock, and a 1950's Howard Miller Mantle Clock.  All are in working order and have been regulated at times down to + or - 10 seconds per day.  How many mechanical devices work after 100 years of service?
    I admit, I am Faithful Watch Wearer....the cheaper, the better!!
    I wear several daily watches.  A cheap Timex Ironman Triatholon, Seiko 5 Sports Military Automatic, an Orient Power Reserve 100 Diver, a Citizen EcoDrive Titanium Cased Chronograph, and several old Gruen Precisions, and Elgin Sportsman.  Love mechanical watches, especially vintage and handwound.