Art I is about the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design with a variety of media.  Rarely will there be any homework.  Most of our projects will be completed in class.
    A wooden pencil and spiral sketchbook 8x10  (preferred Canson XL mixed media sketchbook  CLICK HERE IF YOU WANT TO ORDER )  is all that is required. If you can not get this brand, that is ok, just try to get something with thick paper, a spiral, and around the size of 8x10. Thanks ! 

     Grades : Test/ Major Grades- Your Projects 40 % 

                    Daily Grades - art journal assignments 20 % 

               participation grades - 40 % 


    Lessons For the Year 

    Lessons will follow this schedule with flexibilty: 

    1st  9wks

    • Pre-Drawing
    • Charcoal Forms/ Still life with Charcoal
    • Mixing Colors - Friday assingment
    • Flowers with Color Schemes/ Pointy Watercolor animals
    • Skateboard design


    2nd 9wks

    • Pen Value Technique of object/ Pen landscape drawing
    • 2pt perspective Demo- Friday
    • Metallic Fantasy Animal / 3D 2pt Letters with patterns
    • Cardboard self portraits

    3rd 9wks

    • Figures in Motion/ Romare Bearden Collage
    • Styro Cup Challenge/ Drawing
    • Layered Nylon Sculpture/ Time Laps Drawing Video

    4th 9wks

    • Air Dry Clay Lessons- Adventure, landscapes, ceramic tile releifs with zentangle, Phone Holders, magnants
    • Styrofoam printmaking - identity or social justice statement
    • Egyptian Plaster Carvings