Course Description
    The subject of Art II expands the application of art elements and principals through the use of a variety of materials in combination with some electronic multimedia. Students will also explore different ways to expand their ideas and meanings in their artwork. They will also develop skills to evaluate their own work through self refections and create a digital portfolio of their work. 
    SUPPLIES NEEDED: a wooden pencil and a spiral sketchbook around 8x10 (prefered Canson XL series- Mixed media Sketchbook CLICK HERE TO ORDER Everything else will be provided. If you can not get this sketchbook, anything else is ok, just try to get something with thicker paper, a spiral, and around the size 8x10. Thanks ! 

    Grades: Test/ Major - projects 40 % 

                  Daily - Art Journal assignments 20 % 

                participation grades - 40 % 


    Lessons for the Year- with Flexibility 

    1st 9wks

    • Elements/ Principles Meets World
    • Origami air planes/ Draw
    • Animal Origami/ Draw
    • Charcoal Facial Features/ Faces of Famous people
    • Fruitdrawing with chalk pastels /Fruit upclose with oil pastels
    • 3D Illusion 1 pt perspective
    • Vase ARTwork

    2nd 9wks

    • Composition Lesson/ Painting
    • Interactive Drawings/ Abstract painting of an instrument/s
    • Cardboard Costume/ Big Heads
    • Soap carvings of Abstract figures or animals

    3rd 9 wks

    • Self Portrait Pop Art Clay / Figure Drawing emotions
    • Air Dry Clay Russian Dolls/  Tea pots or Bowls with designs
    • ART Carrer


    4th 9wks

    • Leather Lesson/ Painters tape drawing
    • Watercolor pouring & Masking/ Stencil social justice art
    • Clay Mation Stop Motion
    • Terra Forma Challenge