• Classroom Expectations:

    Students will:  

    1. Follow directions the first time.  If you do not understand, ask questions.  

    2. Keep hands feet and other objects to self.  

    3. Be prepared.  

    4. Be responsible.  

    5. Keep all toys and electronic devices at home.  

    6. Be considerate of other people, their feelings, and their possessions.  


    Cafeteria Expectations:

    Students will:  

    1. Speak softly to friends on either side and across the table. Please do not speak to students at other tables.  

    2. Show good table manners.  

    3. Not exchange food or bring food for a friend. (We may not be aware of one

      another’‛s allergies or their parents expectations for nutrition.)  

    4. Pick up after yourself (trash, empty containers) and put away your own tray.  

    Restroom and Hall expectations:

    Students will:  

    1. Use a soft voice. We do not wish to disrupt nearby classrooms.  

    2. Keep hands, feet, and other objects to themselves.  

    3. Walk in a straight line so others on the opposite side may pass, and others in front

      of you do not feel rushed. We’‛ll all get where we’‛re going soon enough!    

    Third Grade Conduct Expectations  

    Made a poor choice?

    Possible consequences for a student’‛s poor choice may include: *verbal warnings
    *loss of Dojo Points
    *loss of privileges

    *loss of recess
    *points from conduct grade (conduct mark)
    *lunch detention
    * Office referral
    * ISS (in school suspension)
    ** Severe discipline issues will be handled at the teachers discretion and a parent will be notified**

    ** Citizenship grades **

    We will keep a running record of both positive and negative behaviors in each class and you will receive a report with an average at the end of each week. The final report card grade will be an accumulation of these reports. Extreme unsafe and chronic behaviors will be handled on a case by case basis.