• Dear Parent/Guardian,

    As your teen's Forensic Science teacher, I want to make certain that you are informed about the topics he or she will be learning.  This Forensic Science class will be exposing him or her to several controversial subjects.  The overview of the course is provided below.  

    Not only will the student learn about these topics, he or she may have guest speakers and will perform labs to gain hands-on experience.  Several graphic demonstrations, pictures, videos, and illustrations are included in the class so as to further the understanding of certain topics.  Specifically we will be watching episodes of Forensic Files, watching movies related to the course content (i.e. Silence of the Lambs, Bone Collector, Clue, etc.), reading a nonfiction book on body farming, and examining true crime case studies to better understand all aspects of Forensic Science. 

    If you have any questions or concerns, contact me via email at stasia.armstreet@sunnyvaleisd.com.

    Forensics Order of Instruction:
    1st Semester
    Safety & Scientific Method
    Legal Systems
    Crime Scene Investigation
    Forensic Glass Analysis
    Forensic Hair & Fiber Analysis
    Footwear & Tire Impressions
    2nd Semester
    Forensic Serology/DNA
    Forensic Toxicology
    Controlled Substances
    Questioned Documents
    Firearms and Toolmarks
    Forensic Anthropology
    *** This is an estimation of coverage. I will move at the pace that is best for the class to fully comprehend and apply the content knowledge.