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  • This Week in ELAR Class
    Week of: September 17-21
    What are we learning this week in 7th grade?
    Monday - Daily Language Review; Read the poem "Seal" and students will begin writing their own concete poems.
    Tuesday - Daily Language Review; Writing & illustrating concrete/animal poems. Rough draft due Wednesday.
    Wednesday -  Daily Language Review; Library/Book Fair; Read "Sick" by Shel Silverstein with group and discuss.
    Thursday - Daily Language Review; Read "The Rider" and discuss emotions. Use "The Rider" as an example to write Emotion poem.
    Friday - Daily Language Review; Rough draft of Emotion poem due at end of class.
    What are we learning this week in 6th grade?
    Monday - Grammar Blocks; Introduce and begin writing epitaphs.
    Tuesday -  Grammar Blocks; Finish epitaph tombstone.
    Wednesday -  Read poetry from textbook.
    Thursday -  Write poetry.
    Friday - Write poetry.
    Learning Resources . . . what websites, videos, materials will be helpful?
    NOTE: All quizzes and assessments will be application-based in 5th grade. Students must be able to apply the concepts learned in class and through ELUs to answer questions on quizzes and assessments throughout the year in all 5th grade core classes.