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    Melanie Phelps 
    Art I, Art II, Art III, Art IV
    Dual Credit Art History

    Sunnyvale High School
    Phone:  972.203.4600

    Classroom Resources:


    No Classroom Platform

    No Remind Codes:

    All resources for class are in class

    Tutoring Times: Every Day after school - Please tell me the day of or 1 day before that you are coming! 



    Weekly Class Objectives:
    • Art I:  1, 3A, and 9  Circle Zentangle/ Mandalas and Skateboard Design 
    • Art II: 4A and 2B  Hypnotic Perspective and Fruit Study 
    • Art III: 4A and 2B    Inspire and Innovate Artwork / Pointy Watercolor Animals 
    • Art IV: 4A and 2B   Inspire and Innovate Artwork / Pointy Watercolor Animals 
    • Dual Credit Art History:  1.A, B, and 2B   Ch. 4



    Important Due Dates for Major Projects and Tests: