Welcome to Art 2019-2020                                                                                                          watercolor
    August Art
    Insect art
    Book -The Very Hungry Caterpillar 
    Caterpillar art 
    Begin Butterfly art 
    Kindergarten Art 
    Letter B Bird 
    Number 2 Swan
    Number 5 Shark
    First Grade -
    Begin Vincent Van Gogh lessons
    Portrait art- How to draw yourself from head to foot
    Paint Starry Night 
    Second Grade 
    Origami Art (Whale Art)
    Self Portrait -How to draw your self from head to foot

    September Art
    ReviewThe very hungry caterpillar by Eric Carl
    The Adventure Begin Art (school theme art)
    Going on a Bear Hunt 
    What can you find on a bear hunt 
    Art using your sense 
    Rough and Soft textures 
    Plant rubbings
    Fuzzy Caterpillar Art part 2
    Art history book -You Are A Work of Art 
    Book -Nugget and Fang 
    First Grade 
    Famous Art of the Month 
    Vincet van Gogh 
    How to draw yourself from head to foot
    Second Grade 
    What is Abstract Art (Abstract Glue Art)
    Symmetrical flip art (Your own creation) 
    Vertical Project
    How to draw silly monsters
    October Art
    Fall Art Projects coming soon
    Pre-k pumpkin art
    Kinder Pumpkin Art
    First grade pumpkin art
    Second grade pumpkin art
    Second Grade Crochet art
    Crochet Critters