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    Sunnyvale ISD and Commerce ISD have partnered to form the Community Schools Transformation Alliance. The Alliance seeks to empower and transform their schools by creating a more meaningful system of state assessment and accountability standards. This is a tenet of the School Transformation concept.

    Objectives of the Alliance include:

    1) Networking opportunities for key district and campus personnel.
    2) Discussing best practices in each school district.
    3) Providing extended time to brainstorm solutions on how to transform education to meet 21st century needs.
    4) Mobilizing a grass root effort in our communities to stress the movement away from standardized testing toward students who can problem solve.
    5) Pursuing methods of school improvement
    6) Serving as support for each other as we tackle the challenges of educating today’s kids

    CSTA Background
    After generations of the same techniques of education, Superintendents Doug Williams and Blake Cooper of Commerce ISD teamed up to form the Community Schools Transformation Alliance (CSTA), an organization of 15 schools created to challenge the way that public school students are taught.

    At an introductory meeting, administrators and faculty were introduced to the idea of School Transformation. The main focus was modernizing schools by challenging students, using hands-on experience for learning, encouraging students be excited to learn and moving away from standardized test prep to preparing students for the 21st century.

    After an informative session of school transformation, the alliance separated into groups of principals, curriculum directors, technology directors, and superintendents. The groups became familiar with one another for the purpose of inter-district collaboration, and then discussed ways that each district could begin the transformation into a new way of learning. The CSTA is hoping to challenge the idea of standardized testing and implement programs that individualize support and training for each individual student. The alliance is moving toward more work with critical and creative thinking skills, a stronger collaboration with others, and better communication.

    Member Schools:

    Sunnyvale ISD
    Commerce ISD
    Kaufman ISD
    Wills Point ISD
    Blue Ridge ISD
    Caddo Mills ISD
    Collinsville ISD
    Celeste ISD
    Wolfe City ISD
    Community ISD
    Royse City ISD
    Bells ISD
    Rains ISD
    Howe ISD
    Edgewood ISD