Communication Applications

    *Grading Policy for Communication Applications will be Daily Work 50% and Speeches/Tests 50%. 
    *Materials Needed: Spiral Notebook (Journal), Folder with notebook paper, Pen 


    First Nine Weeks
    • Basic communication overview
    • Becoming an effective listener
    • Introduction Speech
    • Nonverbal communication
    • Group discussions
    • Professional and Social Communication 
    • Interviewing for a job
    • Conducting an interview
    • Special occasion speeches
    • Informative or demonstrative speeches

    Second Nine Weeks

    • Informative Speaking
    • Effective delivery
    • Organization
    • Using media and technology/visual aids
    • Persuasive speaking and rhetoric
    • Major persuasive speech
    • Negotiation and Debate
    • Running a meeting
    • Shark Tank Projects (starting a small business)