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    Hello SMS Raider Families! 

    Do you get stressed out this time of the year? Running around to stores, planning for holidays, traveling, figuring out childcare, finances, missing lost loved ones, the days seem shorter and the to-do list is still long. Yes, it can be a time of joy, and excitement, but for many, this time of year is very difficult, including our kids. 

    In conversations with the students here at SMS, I have found that many of them are super stressed out. When I ask them why they are stressed out, most often they say it's they've got a lot going on- school (homework, projects, stress with friends, etc.) and family activities, and extracurriculars- life is busy! To add on to the stressors of busy schedules, they are going through puberty and what tends to be one of the most difficult times in a person's development. I ask students, how much sleep are you getting, or what time are you going to bed? And then their answers are surprising to me... and what I'm finding out is that many of our kids are not getting enough sleep. Many say they stay up to late hours into the night on their phones, or playing video games. They may be "in bed" but they aren't sleeping. And the consequences can add up and be serious. 


    I read an article (which I've attached below) about how lack of sleep is affecting this generation. "In one study, just an hour less of sleep each night made sixth-graders perform like fourth-graders on mental tests. Other research shows that sleep loss makes you run slower and miss more shots in sports, while doubling your odds of injury. Some experts even argue that teens would be less likely to take risks or suffer from anxiety and depression if they could just get enough sleep."

    Our preteens and teens need good quality sleep. It is so important! Some good habits to help promote good sleep is a consistent bedtime, no phone, computer or tv accessibility at night, and no caffeine in the evening. I believe with better sleep, stress levels could be lower and and with better sleep, our students would be in better mental health to deal with their day to day life. 
    I encourage you to read the article and look more into how good quality sleep can be a game changer for our kid's mental and physical health. 
    I hope you all have a wonderful holiday break and that you get to spend time with people you love and make great memories. And get some sleep! :) 
     SLEEP Article
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