• The Elementary Art Program and related Texas Art TEKS for grades K-4th Grade

    August Week 4
    Name art 
     Use zentagle art and doodle art to create a fancy art with your name :) 
    TEKS : Use Line, Space, Color and Shape to create a unique art of your own.
    September Week 1 
    Color wheel art
    September Week 2 
    Reference drawing lesson. Students will practice creating drawings they can add to a small art journal. 
    September Week 3

    Topic: Back to School drawings including how to draw a 3D building (like a school)
    TEKS: Math Parallelograms and Trapezoids 
    TEKS: Line - Horizontal, Vertical, and Diagonal (how to distort line)

    September Week 4

    Grades: K-4
    Create a color wheel learn primary colors, secondary, and intermediate colors.
    Mix your own colors.
    TEKS: Color

    October Week 1
    TEKS: Form
    Where is art begin?
    Cave and Stone art

    Create a cave painting (grade 1 -4)

    October Week 2

    TEKS: Texture
    Famous early ancient art and earliest structures?
    Stonehenge famous early structures in Europe

    October Week 3
    Create a prehistoric display

    November Week 1

    Ancient writing
    TEKS: Shapes and  Pattern

    TEKS: Form and Space

    Native American Art

    Paper mache

    Yarn weaving


    Greek Pottery


    Basket making

    Flying art
    Create a weather related project
    Watercolor- Crayon resist

    TEKS: Negative Space
    Create your own Scratch Art

    Create a recycle project from "junk" using your own imagination


    Summer drawings