• Seniors and Juniors are allowed to visit college campuses during the school year. You will have the opportunity to have two excused absences during your Sr & Jr years. Please fill out the link below to notify Mr. Sterling or Mr. Mitchell that you will be visiting a college. VISIT FORM MUST BE SUBMITTED TO THE PRINCIPAL AT LEAST 5 DAYS BEFORE THE DATE OF THE PLANNED VISIT.
    Verification of Higher Education Visit Form: 
    You are also required to print the Verification of Higher Education Visit Form located on the same web page as this request form. Have the form completed and signed by the college or university official at the institution the student is visiting. PLEASE NOTE: Signature by a student tour guide will not be considered a valid form of verification. The Verification form must be submitted to the principal or designee no later than 2 days after the first day the student returns to school. If not returned, the student will be marked absent for the time out of classes.