• Art Contests

    Possible contests for consideration below...

    If you are interested please contact me and I can provide more information.
    This is not required for class but information if you are interested in trying at home.

    Cotton Bowl Drawing Contest

    Every year the Cotton Bowl has a drawing contest provided by their sponsors At&T the topic is college football. Students will draw action on the football field. There are some really great prizes including money and 4 Cotton Bowl tickets. The contest is open to North Texas Elementary Students.

    Due prior to October 15th (We may submit 50 best student drawings from our school)

    Thanksgiving Square

    Thanksgiving drawing contest provided by thanksgivingsquare.org

    This year’s topic is a grateful planet prizes include money for the art classroom and student
    Due October 25th


    Aviation art contest

    Provided by the Texas Department of Transportation

    The theme for the 2011 International Aviation Art Contest is "50 Years of Human Space Flight" and is designed to motivate and encourage children to study aeronautics, engineering and science.

    Entries must be received by January 14, 2011 and the contest is open to three age groups: ages 6 - 9, 10 - 13 and 14 - 17.

    Texas State Fish Art Contest

    Provided by Texas Freshwater Fisheries
    Topic: Texas state fish the Guadalupe Bass in his natural environment

    Due prior to March 31

    **These projects may be subject to change depending on calendar or time constraints