• Art 3 

    In this course we will explore a variety of media with a few student choices projects with particular topics. They will apply their prior knowledge of elements and principles of design to practice their skills of composition and meaningful artwork.  There will be a lot of flexibility in the student's choice of materials, subject matter, and style.
    This course is a pre-requisite for Art IV. 
    Supplies - Pencil, spiral sketchbook and any further needed on individual art lessons that I do not hold in classroom. 
    Grades: Test/ Major - Project Grades 40 %
                  Daily Grades- 1 day activities 20 % 
                Paricipation grades - 40 % 
    Lessons for the Year- with Flexibility 

    1st 9wks

    • Eyes with reflections of Identity
    • Activism Stencils over world issues
    • Gradual Abstracted Object
    • Vase ARTwork - 3 Consentration Artwork-generations, time, identity, Oppostites, Steretyopoes, etc

    2nd 9wks

    • Masking Tape Shoes
    • Figure Drawing with Forshortening
    • Painted animal Ornaments
    • Self Portrait with Text- emtoions
    • Photo Cubism/ fun Photo & Drawing Combo

    3rd 9wks

    • Air Dry Clay Beads with Jewerly
    • Face with Polmer Clay Bust
    • Abstract Animal Scratch ART
    • Paper wigs
    • 2pt perspective Surrealism
    • Embossed Metal Encaustics

    4th 9wks

    • Sidewalk ART or white chalk on Black paper
    • Skittles Pixel Portraits
    • Chip Bag Giant pop art
    • Solar ART / Matisse Prints du Soleil