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    My name is Faren DeRieux (Duh-Roo). I have taught a total of 10 years with experience in 1st grade and 2nd grade. This is my seventh year to teach at Sunnyvale Elementary School, and I absolutely love working here!
    I graduated from Austin College in Sherman, Texas. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Arts with a major in Psychology and a minor in Spanish. I also have a Master's Degree in Education. I played college soccer there, and still play soccer to this day!
     I have been married for 10 years. We have three wonderful daughters! Our oldest is in 2nd grade, our 2nd is in Pre-K, and our youngest is in daycare. I also have a dog named Lexi!
    I have enjoyed teaching ESL and Dyslexia the past few years! Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or concerns.