• English III

    Ashley Broom


    Welcome to English III!  This course is a survey course of American literature from its beginnings to the modern era; emphasis is on critical thinking, writing, and literary analysis.


    -       Be prepared for class every day.

    -       My class rules are simple:

    o   Show respect for yourself, your classmates and your teacher.

    o   Be on time. Be prepared.

    o   Follow directions the first time they are given.

    o   Clean up after yourself. 

    -       The SISD English department grading policy will be used in my class.  This policy states: 

    Assessment:  Grades for this course fall into three categories:

    1.    Major Assignments = 50% (Assessments, projects, papers, and any other work the teacher designates as a “major” assignment.)

    2. Quizzes, Short Timed Writings = 35%

    3. Minor Assignments = 15%. (Article of the Week, daily work, small group activities, participation, and any other work the teacher designates as a “minor” assignment.)


    General Policies:  Assignments shall be designated “major” or “minor” at the time the assignment is made.  Daily work and minor assignments WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED LATE.  Writing assignments and other major assignments will be accepted one day late with an automatic deduction of 30%.  This means that grading will begin at a 70.


     Materials needed:



    -Bring your device daily if you have one

    -Boxes of tissue, hand sanitizer, highlighters, notebook paper (appreciated, not required)


    Below are the hats I wear.  I am glad to help you out in any way I can.  This is going to be a great year! 

    Coach Ashley Broom

    English III 

    Track & Field

    JV Volleyball

    Please feel free to contact me via email at ashley.broom@sunnyvaleisd.com