• Article of the Week

    Each week, English III students will be asked to read and respond to a short article of my choosing. Articles will be available in Google Classroom each Monday; a one-page response will be due each Friday by 3:30 p.m., regardless of whether the student has had English class that day or not.

     Each “Article of the Week” response is worth one quiz grade.

     Article of the Week Response Instructions

     1. Read the article thoroughly; jot down your initial responses to it.

    2. Type and submit a 1-page response to the article.  Your response will not be given a grade if it is less than 1-page.

    3. If your article is not formatted correctly, you will not receive full credit. Use the following format:

           * MLA format 

          · Times Roman font

          · 12-pt. font size
          · Center title
          · Double-space body text
          · Use paragraphs
          · DO NOT put extra space between paragraphs

     5. Late papers will not be accepted.

     6. You are not required to research the topic when writing your response. However, if you do, please be sure to include parenthetical citations for any information you take from other sources. In addition, include a Works Cited page with your paper.

     Remember, this is an English assignment—your response will be evaluated on depth of thought, logical structure, sentence fluency, and proper use of conventions.