• Name: ________________________________________



    Project/Lab Group Roles

    1.  Project/Group Manager:  This person makes sure that lab/project work is divided evenly among group members and will also make sure that everyone has the necessary resources to complete the lab/project assigned.  He/she will make sure that ALL members contribute to discussions and work.  If conflicts arise, he/she will initiate conflict resolution.


    2.  Materials Manager:  This person is responsible for managing the group’s resources (materials).  He/she will get equipment for the group from the materials station and return equipment when the activity is complete.  The MM makes sure that ALL of the materials are returned, so inventory is his or her job.  He/she will be responsible for managing any project documents when completing group projects.


    3.  Communications Manager:  This person is responsible for communicating the group’s needs to the teacher.   He/she will also designate “workshop” attendees.  


    4.  Time Manager:  This person is responsible for keeping everyone on task to meet deadlines and progress checks.  He/she is the official “timekeeper”.

    ** If there are Three members in a lab group, the Communications Manager will also be the Time Manager. 
    *** If there are Five members in a lab group, the fifth member will assist the Materials Manager by returning equipment when activity is complete.   
    **** During an ELU, someone will have  to assume the role of Technology Manager.