1.  DoJo's

    2.  Coupons

    3.  Stickers

    4.  Verbal praise

    5.  Positive notes home

    Reasons For Color Change:

    This list and color chart will be in your child’s daily folder.

    1. I did not pay attention while the teacher was teaching.

    2. I did not make good choices during Art, P.E., Music, or Library.

    3. I was not safe.

    4. I was not kind to a classmate and/or   teacher.

    5. I hurt someone with my words and/or body.

    6. I did not follow directions.

    7. I did not make good choices during recess, lunch, and/or the hallway.

    8. I did not use my time wisely. I did not finish my work.  I did not work hard.

    9. Other:_________________________


    Explanation of Color Chart  Behavior Chart

    Purple – Every student starts on purple each day!

    Blue & Green – If students move to blue and green, those are considered warnings...but still a great day.  We all need reminders!

    Yellow – “Make Better Choices” Warning:  Lose 5 minutes of recess

    Orange – “Teacher’s Choice”:  Lose 10 minutes of recess or walk laps at recess.

    Red – “Parent Contact” Teacher will contact parent and loss of recess or walk laps.


    Sunnyvale Elementary follows the state mandated curriculum, the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).  This curriculum consists of English/Language Arts,(which includes reading, listening, speaking, and writing), math, science, social studies, and health.  Kindergarten students also receive instruction in physical education, music, art, Spanish, and technology.  Developing language and math skills is the  primary emphasis in kindergarten.  Your child will participate in a wide variety of activities designed to build his/her skills in these areas.  Generally speaking, kindergarten students want to learn to read.  We will work with your child to gain the skills necessary to be a fluent, successful reader.

    Kindergarten is a special time in a child's life when the world is full of fantastic new information and exciting happenings.  We strive to ensure that your child receives  the instruction necessary to be a successful student in a manner that encourages this love of learning.