• Home Reader Information: 
    * There are 2 or 3 books in your child's book bag. One book is a "browsing" books that the child chose to read and the other(s) are assigned by me. Both are on the child's reading level.
    * Home Readers are due back to school every day. We read and learn from these books together as well. I switch books out generally once a week, so they will read & reread the same books for a week. Reading the book more than once helps build their fluency.
    * The books are meant to be read aloud to a parent. Children that read on a daily basis have a higher fluency rate and build greater understanding of what they are reading. Hopefully, they are reading aloud like they talk - with expression and good speed. It is also VERY beneficial to ask your child questions as they read to help them fully comprehend the book. (Make predictions, discuss characters, retell the story, discuss facts learned, etc.) 
    * Please make sure you (the adult) fill out the reading log every time you hear them read. Please read every weekday (Monday - Friday) for 15-20 minutes.