2019-2020 SHS Senior 
    Yearbook Advertising
    A Once-in-a-Lifetime Memory
    Don’t miss your chance to place a special memory ad in the back of the yearbook for your special senior. This is a special tradition that will be mark the end of your senior’s high school accomplishments!

    Completed Senior Ads Due: March 1

    Yearbook Adveretising Prices
    Double page - $425.00
    ☐Full page - $250.00
    ☐Half page (horizontal): $170.00
    ☐Quarter page: $90.00

    Please e-mail senior editors with questions:

     Dani Marcor or Vienne Howay:
    marcorrozzi.daniela@sunnyvaleisd.com or howay.vienne@sunnyvaleisd.com

    Steps for Getting Your Senior's Ad Completed


    Step 1. Complete our reservation form (even though you have already paid online using Balfour - this helps our internal planning).
    Deadline- ASAP

    Reservation Form: https://forms.gle/uocKy1K1M6jnhBhF8 .




    Step 2. Create your senior's ad.
    Do this anytime between now and the final deadline (March 1, 2020).
    You have some choices in this process.

    a. You can use the ad you used in the sports program. Simply let us know.

    b. You can create your own ad (see directions or information below).

    c. The yearbook staff can create it for you. 

    You can also purchase, create and submit your ad all at once using the Yearbook Ad Creation Service, Balfour Ad Builder.
    Simply Click Here to Get Started.

    Step 3. Submit your senior's ad.
    a. Submit the completed ad to the yearbook staff (e-mail to emily.white@sunnyvaleisd.com). Deadline is March 1, 2020.
    b. If the yearbook staff is creating your senior's ad, please submit your materials to the yearbook by the date above. We will provide a proof to you for review.

    Helpful Notes on Creating and Submitting Your Ad

    1. How do I create a senior ad?
    A few suggestions:
    A. Hire someone. Big Shots can do it.
    B.  Have a student do it -  your own senior, his/her sibling, a friend, etc.
    C. Do it yourself - use a program like Canva or AdobeSpark to create it. VERY EASY even for beginners!
    Submit materials to yearbook staff for creation.  

    2. How do I submit a senior ad?
    . Please e-mail to emily.white@sunnyvaleisd.com


    Advertising Prices:

    Double page - $425.00

    Full page - $250.00

    Half page (horizontal): $170.00

    Quarter page: $90.00



    Examples of Senior Ads
    Quarter Page Ads

    Allison Freeman      Hannah
    Allison's Ad was self-produced; Hannah's ad was created by the yearbook staff.
    Half Page Ads
    Jensen's ad was self-produced.
    Tanner's ad was produced by the yearbook staff.
    Full Page Ads
     Sarah's ad was self-produced. Note the simplicity!
    Emily's ad was created by the yearbook staff. Great family/childhood photos!
     Ryne's ad was created by the yearbook staff. VERY "Ryne." :)
    PBD Girls' sports  
    Great example of using an ad in the sports program AND the yearbook! 
    This ad was submitted to the Band Boosters' Sports Program as a senior girls' sports ad. It was used in the yearbook.
    Senior Ad Ideas, Tips and Tricks (and a few do's and don'ts!)
    Senior "Lifers" Ad
    When you've been in school together from the beginning, it's hard to say goodbye. It's nice to commemorate the moment with an ad in the yearbook. 
    Goodbye SMS hello SHS  
    Self-produced by the Class of '15 parent group.
    Raiders From the Start  
    Created and submitted by Becky Fisher.

    Support Seniors in a Sport or Activity!

    Recognize seniors who have participated in sports throughout high school! Utilize your ads from the sports program and run it in the yearbook! Examples: Senior football players, senior volleyball players, senior band member, senior theater members, senior cheerleaders, senior UIL competitors, etc.
    How to Ensure that Your Photos are of the Correct Resolution - 300 dpi
    Adobe Photoshop can increase the resolution of your photo by adding "pixels" to the image. Simple select "Image" > "Image Size > and check to see if your photo's resolution is set at 300. Below you can see the Image Size menu with the resolution set from to 300 dpi, which is the correct setting. DPI stands for "dots per inch" and is a printing term. By ensuring that your photo is of the highest quality/resolution, the yearbook ad will thereby have the highest possibly overall resolution and look.