Meal Prices, SES and SIS

  • Lunch
    Paid lunch price is 2.50
    Reduced lunch price is .40 
    All visitors and staff pricing is 3.75 (non-program price) 
    Plate Lunch consist of: 
    1- Entree w/ Bread component
    2- different Veggies 
    1- Milk
    *Students are not required to take ALL item, but must choose at least 3 components (one being a fruit or veggies) 
    Paid breakfast is 1.50
    Reduced breakfast is .30
    All visitor and staff is 2.25 (non- program price) 
    Breakfast Plate consist of: 
    1- Breakfast Entree or  Breakfast Cereal (counts as 2 items) 
    1-Fruit or Fruit Juice  
    1- Milk
    In order to be considered a meal, students must choose 3 item including a fruit or juice 
    Alacarte or extra items: 
    Milk .50
    Fruits/Veggies .50
    Bread Item .50-.75
    Entree 1.50-2.00
    Cookies/Smart Snacks .50-.75 (served on Fridays Only at SES)