Mrs. Kerry Green

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Degrees and Certifications:

BS/MS History

Mrs. Kerry Green

"What is a history teacher? He's someone who teaches mistakes. While others say, ‘Here's how to do it’, he says, ‘And here's what goes wrong.’ While others tell you, ‘This is the way, this is the path’, he says, ‘And here are a few bungles, botches, blunders and fiascos’... It doesn't work out; it's human to err…. He's a self-contradiction. An obstructive instructor, a treacherous tutor. Maybe he's a bad influence. Maybe he's not good to have around..." 
Graham Swift - Waterland

This is my ninth year at Sunnyvale I.S.D.; a few may remember me as Ms. Cookston. My goal is for all students to learn to think analytically, even as they acquire the knowledge they need for academic progress. We will using various instructional techniques to engage students: discussion, Q&A, flipped lessons, ELUs, and some lecture. Computer access is necessary, but keep in mind that there are computer labs at school if home access is an issue. Keep me informed if there is a problem. The primary platform is Google Classroom, although dual credit students will use the Eastfield eCampus system as well.
In addition, I have 1 son, Wyatt, currently here at Sunnyvale. My sons, J.W., graduated in 2012, Wade in 2016, and Ryan in 2018. I am happily married to my husband of five years, Joel. I am the lead Junior Class Sponsor and a UIL Speech & Debate coach. I completed my Masters degree in History at Texas A & M University - Commerce in 2009. In the past I have also taught at TAMU-Commerce, assisted the undergraduate advisor for the History Department and for the Student Assessment Center, and coordinated for the East Texas and Commerce Regional History Day Competition in 2008 and 2009. 
I LOVE history! It is the best subject ever!  I hope to impart to students an enjoyment of history and the realization that doing what you love is never work.
Here is to a great year!
Mrs. Green