• Health
    Students will learn the fundamentals of health and wellness and will map out goals for lifetime fitness. 
    Tutorial Times:
    Monday                     7:30 to 8:00
    Wednesday                7:30 to 8:00
    Grading Policy for Health Classes:
    Assessments                 40%
    Daily                             40% 
    Projects                         20% 
    1st 9 Weeks:
    Physical Fitness
    Stress and its affect on the body
    Mental Disorders
    2nd 9 Weeks: 
    Illegal Drugs
    Late Work
    1st day late – maximum grade of 70
    2nd day late – maximum grade of 60
    3rd day late – maximum grade of 50
    **Late work will not be accepted after the 3rd day.

    Make-up work
    It is your responsibility to pick up your work from the day(s) you are absent.  I will give you the work when you ask; I will not come to you.  Please let me know ahead of time when you know you will be absent so I can get you your work before you leave.