• Expectaciones de la Clase  (Course Expectations)

                        -Coach Campos- Rm. 113


    1.    Be in your assigned seat READY to WORK when the instructor shuts the door for class to begin.
    1.    Have the necessary SUPPLIES for class every day: Spanish book, notebook, pencil/pen, paper, etc.
    1.    Please be SAFE: H.F.B.O. = Keep hands, feet, books, and other objects to yourself.
    1.    NO PROFANITY, inappropriate gestures, cruel teasing, bullying, or put downs allowed!
    1.    Be RESPECTFUL to yourself, the teacher, and your peers!!
    1.    Instruction will be given when there are NO DISTRACTIONS or other problems.
    1.    I will only listen to ONE student at a time.
    1.    PRACTICE your Spanish (new vocabulary) as often as possible.
    1.    Have a POSITIVE attitude at all times, Be ENGAGED!

         10.   Try your BEST, every day!


    How to Be Successful in the Classroom


    • No one leaves the room without permission or their student ID!!!
    • No one should be out of his/her seat without permission.
    • Raise your hand to ask or answer a question.
    • Cheating or allowing other students to copy work will result in a loss of credit for the   assignment, a call to parents, and a referral.
    • Students will need to stay current on all assignments. (Late work policy applies) 

      Cell Phone/Electronic Policy

      1.               Cell phones/electronics are only to be used as an instructional aide to help increase student learning, any other use will result in the device being taken up by the teacher.
      2.               Cell phones will be immediately taken up if:
      3.      Student is off-task.
      4.      Student is garnering attention of classmates away from the teacher or the device is being a distraction to other students.
      5.      Students is using device to share answers on assignments.

      If phone is taken up:

      1.      1st time: You can pick up after school from me.
      2.      2nd time and after: Pick up from the Principal's Office.

      Coming and Going:

      1.      Be on time.
      2.      Be seated at the tardy bell.
      3.      No hall passes without an ID badge.
      4.      You may not leave the room without your personal hall pass.
      5.      Remain seated during instructional time.
      6.      Remain seated while waiting for the bell.

      - The instructor will dismiss you, not the bell.

      Class Time:

    • Show RESPECT to everyone; including yourself!
    • Please wait to be called upon to speak.
    • Follow all directions without complaint.
    • If you are confused, Do Not be hesitant to ask for clarity.
    • DO NOT tease or bully other classmates.
    • Work seriously and productively with others.
    • No Sleeping!!!! Remain alert and working. 

      Everyday Student Expectations:

    • School policy will be enforced at all times.
    • Listen to the teacher attentively (It is difficult to talk and listen at the same time)
    • Focus on Spanish (Participate)
    • Take notes and study at least 15 minutes daily outside of class.
    • Do not rely on "Google Translate".