This is the third year of THE CHALLENGE - the offseason shooting challenge for all current and future Lady Raider players. The work you put in as an individual this summer is the key to improving the overall success of basketball at SHS.

    Players are being asked to make a commitment to achieve one of three levels this summer:

    • GUNS UP
    • Single Barrel
    • Double Barrel

    Explanations for what you need to make each level can be found by clicking on LEVELS in the sidebar . We also have suggested workouts for you to reach these goals. Those are found under WORKOUT IDEAS in the sidebar.

    Whenever you complete a workout enter it on the GOOGLE DOC shared with you (see DATA ENTRY in sidebar). It's important to remember that you are counting the shots you make when shooting - not total shots. Only you will know your totals, so respect those who are working hard this summer by reporting honest totals. When practices begin in the fall it will be clear who did the work!