UW Summer Shooting

    This is a series of steps designed to make your pull-up jumpshot more affective.  You should count all the short shots from about 8-10 feet in the drills as part of your makes.



    This is a good drill to do on your own with or without use of The Gun. Make sure to practice jab stepping with both feet and mix up where the shot comes from.



    This is a partner drill that you'll perform while using The Gun.  It is also a very good shooting drill for conditioning.



    You have about 2:30 to try and make two shots in a row from 10 spots on the court.This is a drill you can do from mid-range or threes.  Partner needs to be hustling for rebounds and passing.



    This is an agility shooting drill that you will need to work with a partner.  The goal should be for each of you to make 20 shots at each elbow.