• My Adventures:

    At the end of my senior year during high school, I had the opportunity to travel to Gallaudet University. This university is the first and the only university in the world to serve a large population of Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing students around the world.


    During the year of 2011, my family travelled to the Grand Canyon for vacation. I had the opportunity to stop by New Mexico School for the Deaf. I toured around the school and saw many beautiful, artistic features. Santa Fe is truly a mecca for artists.nmsd

    After a while during the same year, I met a lovely Taiwanese couple who took the liberty to teach me Taiwan Sign Language for a good length of time. I do hope I can travel to Taiwan one day to visit their Deaf Community.


    During the year of 2012, I traveled to Montego Bay, Jamaica to work with a bunch of wonderful Deaf students. I learned a little bit of Jamaican Sign Language. Also, I had the opportunity to share many teachable moments alongside many awesome American volunteers. These students are amazing and will always hold a special place in my heart. Some of the young ones were still developing language and the only way we could communicate with them was to play with them. The view in Jamaica was quite breathtaking!


    During the year of 2013, I attended one of Texas’ largest assembly for Deaf people which is known as Deaf Expo in Austin, Texas. I got the opportunity to meet some famous Deaf people in our community.

    For example, I met Joel Barish, the founder of Deaf Nation and the person who organized Deaf Expo. He travels all over the world discovering what other Deaf people do for a living. It’s like Travel Channel but in American Sign Language! You can find his videos with English subtitles at www.deafnation.com
    Joel Barish 

    I also met Matt Hamill, the first Deaf UFC wrestler champion at Deaf Expo. Before posing for the picture, he surprised me with his strength. He put my arms around his neck and lifted me up! Russell Harvard, a Deaf actor played the role of  Matt Hamill in a movie called, “The Hammer.” You can find information about this movie at: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1094666/                       crop.jpg

    Matt Hamill                                                          

    I also met John Maucere, an actor that has made appearances in various TV shows such as “Law and Order,” and “Switched at Birth.” He also signed the National Anthem at the Superbowl during 2013 with Alicia Keys.

    John Maucere 

    During the year of 2013-14, I got the opportunity to personally get to know CJ Jones, a famous Deaf comedian that has travelled all around the world to perform. He has starred in several movies such as, “See What I’m Saying,” and “Through Deaf Eyes.” He won many multiple awards such as the Tony Award. He is AWESOME! He came down to my university for Deaf Awareness Week to perform. Boy, the audience was packed! You can view my interview with him at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Th2i-iCW1JE


    A famous storyteller, Peter Cook who has toured across the nation and is seen in many signed videos used for ASL classroom had decided to drop by my hometown for a performance! I attended and enjoyed every single minute of it. Someone else volunteered me onto stage to become a part of his humorous skit. Quite the experience!                                                                                              

    peter peter  
    My husband and I went to Paris, France during the summer of 2017. We went to the Paris School For The Deaf, Saw a Deaf Theatre, and went to a Deaf-owned coffee shop but of course... everything was in French Sign Language! However, the experience was a blast!'
    paris  school theatre cafe
    Many more adventures are yet to come! Stay tuned!