• Fun Learning Apps:


    head up

    Heads-Up! (This is NOT sign language. However, it’s a charade game that does allow students to get comfortable with facial expression and body language. This is also a fun game to play at home with the family as well.)



    Deaf Nation (This is founded by Joel Barish who travels across the world. This is like the Travel channel but in ASL!)



    ASL Word Search (This is a fun game that allows you to search words in ASL.)



    ASL Swipekeys (This allows you to turn text into ASL fonts.)




    ASL Word Drop (This is a fun way to play and create words by using ASL fonts)




    Signing Savvy (This is also an online dictionary website. They have an app too!)



    Spread The Sign (This shows different countries’ sign languages other than American Sign Language)


    Apps that allows ASL students to interact with other ASL students in American Sign Language outside of school instead of using English text messages:
    ft     Facetime
    glide     Glide 
    oovoo       ooVoo      
    skype     Skype 
    tango        Tango 
    Viber   Viber