ASL Resources: 

    Those are ASL resources that you can use as study guides and/or to acquire knowledge about ASL, cultural information, and other deaf-related materials during the full school year. *Please keep in mind that any languages including American Sign Language is ALWAYS growing and changing over time. Any resources in regard to any language is NOT the “perfect” tool for learning since it is very challenging for any resources to keep up with today’s information. Also, you may see variation of signs due to regional dialects. When in doubt, ask the teacher first.* 


    Online Signing Dictionaries:

    ●      www.lifeprint.com

    ●      www.signingsavvy.com

    ●      www.handspeak.com

    ●      http://aslbrowser.commtechlab.msu.edu/browser.htm


    Signing Books provided in the classroom:

    ●      Signing Naturally

    ●      Master ASL

    ●      ASL Book Dictionaries

     Number and Fingerspelling Practices Online:

    ●      www.asl.ms  (fingerspelling)

    ●      www.asl.bz  (numbers)

     Major Deaf/ASL Related Websites:

    ●      www.nad.org (Largest and oldest civil rights organization for deaf and hard-of-hearing people across America)

    ●      www.gallaudet.edu (First University for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing students in the world)

    ●      www.deafnation.com (founded by deaf brothers, Joel and Jed Barish. DeafNation, Inc. is the international leader in video content, news, coverage, social networking, and special events for the greater deaf and hard-of-hearing community.) 

    ●      www.d-pan.com (Founded by Sean Forbes, a Deaf musician who help to represent other Deaf musicians in the Deaf community.)

    ●      www.wfdeaf.org (The World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) is an international organization representing approximately 80 millian Deaf people worldwide.)

    ●      www.tsd.state.tx.us (Texas School for the Deaf)

    ●      www.deafnetwork.com (Largest Deaf Community Resources and Newsletter in Texas and surrounding states. You can get FREE subscription to their email newsletters.)

    ●  https://www.affordablecollegesonline.org/college-resource-center/deaf-student-college-career-advice/ (College resources for Deaf/HOH students)

    ●      https://www.accreditedschoolsonline.org/resources/deaf-and-hard-of-hearing-students/ (Accredited Colleges for Deaf/HOH students)